How much is first aid cover?

How much does event first aid cover cost?

A common question is “How much is first aid cover?”.

The other similar question is “what event first aid cover do we need?”.

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1stAiders Promise Never to Upsell

This purely and simply means that we at 1stAiders will be refreshingly open and totally honest.  Rest assured we will be fair about the cost of your event first aid cover.

We will not try and pull the wool over your eyes, we will not deceive you. 

What is the cost of event first aid?

It is impossible to say here the actual cost of event first aid cover.  There are so many variables ranging from the skillset required. Such as basic first aider or paramedic. The type of event and indeed the number of people attending.

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All too often, event organisers are overloaded with event medical cover.

If all you need is adequate event first aid cover, that is what 1stAiders will provide.

We won’t wrongfully suggest that you need more first aiders than you genuinely need. But we will not compromise the safety of our staff and of course the people at your event.

How much is event first aid cover?

If your risk assessment for event first aid cover suggests you only need a solo first aider, that’s all 1stAiders will provide.

We'll Help to Keep Your Event First Aid Costs Down

Your event first aid cover risk assessment may not call for a medical team. You may have been told by another first aid supplier that you need all the bells and whistles of a medial team

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We have a lot of options to help with your first aid cover.

You may prefer to have a full liveried NHS style ambulance.

Not intended as emergency transport to take patients to hospital, but as a highly visual first aid point.

Ambulance or Response Car?..your choice.

Event First Aid Costs

Email us on with as much information as possible so we can give you the best possible price.

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