How Much First Aid Cover Do We Need?

What level of first aid cover do we need?

Event first aid cover estimation isn’t an exact science because there are many important factors that need consideration when look at event first aid cover.

corporate event first aid services

Risk assessment

It is a risk assessment in many ways.

  • Event history. Has the event been run before? If so, were there previous casualties? What was their nature and quantity? Were there any serious incidents that required ambulance or transportation to hospital?
corporate event first aid cover
  • The type of event. A sporting activity such as rugby by have a naturally higher risk of injury than a classical music concert but if there are more people at the concert and a proportion are elderly or infirm, the concert may have a higher risk of sudden illness.
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  • Indoors or outdoors?  The type of venue plays a huge part in a risk assessment. Outdoors may have uneven or rough terrain where trips and slips are possible, along with bites and stings. Weather plays a part too. It could be very hot, very cold, very wet!

Size of audience.

Would first aiders be available to treat everyone and anyone at your event? Or just the participants?

So, if it was, say, a school hockey match where players’ families have come to watch, you may end up with a hundred or more people and it is fair to say that you might need 2 first aiders per 1000 people on a low-risk event, but is hockey low injury risk?


The audience profile is important.


As an example, is it families, as mentioned above, or predominantly young adults, children, or even rival factions?

Corporate event first aid cover
  • Will the audience be seated or standing? Will they have to wait for a period in a queue?
  • Audience Participation. Would members of the audience be invited to participate in activities such as sideshows?
  • The kind of activity being carried out. What is the risk level?
  • Even the time of year is particularly relevant to outdoor events and can increase the risk level, as does alcohol consumption.

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